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Liverpool Radio Tower

Day 152 – Radio Waves

  "TV gives everyone an image, but radio gives birth to a million images in a million brains." ~ Peggy Noonan Ps... Click on the icons below to see who else is joining in with these Saturday meme's
Old key in chest

Day 59 – The Key

  Every know and then I come across a blog that delights me and when I do, I have a tendency to want to share it with my readers. I have been watching this blog slowly evolve and develop since…
spelling mistake on sign

Day 55 – Wapning!?

  Things seems to have gone horribly wrong with this sign. I am pretty sure that a printing error (all the 'r' letters came out as 'p') can be blamed for much of what has gone wrong here but THEVES?...…
Lady Chatterley's Lover

Day 54 – Lady Chatterley

  I took this picture in the UK Border Agency National Museum in Liverpool. It is one of the many copies that was confiscated by the UK border police prior to 1960. Apparently it was quite a common thing for…
Lollys in the shop window

Day 53 – Sweet Temptation

  Walking around the small boutiques and shops in Liverpool's Albert Dock I came across these. They looked so pretty in the window of the Sweet Shop and were just asking to have their picture taken. The rest of the…
boarded up houses in Liverpool

Day 52 – The Other Side

  Liverpool city centre is lovely, busy, full of vibrant life and wealth but travel just a mile or so into the outskirts of the city and things are very different. These houses line the streets around Liverpool Football Club.…

Day 51 – Flying Machines

  When I spotted this helicopter hovering in the skies over Liverpool at first I was astounded as the wind was blowing really hard and the pilot was managing to hold it perfectly steady in their air as they watched…
blue sky and the Liverpool eye

Day 49 – Wheel In The Sky

  We are spending the weekend in Southport. Yesterday our friends took us into Liverpool and we went on the Liverpool eye. It was a truly beautiful crisp winters day, with bright clear sunshine. However it was blowing a pretty…

Day 48 – Liverpool

  We are spending the weekend in Southport, which is just outside Liverpool. Today we have spent a fabulous day in Liverpool with our friends. I have taken tons and tons of photographs and we have laughed and talked and…