Old key in chest


Every know and then I come across a blog that delights me and when I do, I have a tendency to want to share it with my readers. I have been watching this blog slowly evolve and develop since its creation at the end of last year. The Twitter Key Project is the brain child of  the wonderful Josie George. It is an interactive blog that allows people to create the story of each individual key by tweeting  their thoughts and then Josie uses those words to take the most amazing pictures to illustrate it all. I love this project, there is something very peaceful and thought provoking about the whole thing, each post tells a whole story using just a photograph and 140 characters. It is possibly one of the best marriages of words and pictures on the internet that I have ever seen. I hope you go and visit it, if you are on Twitter then do add Josie, she is one of the absolute highlights of my twitter time-line and if you have any spare keys laying around that you don’t need, then Josie does… and the same goes for any spare words that go with them.

In honour of Josie and The Twitter Key Project… Taken in Liverpool at the UK Customs and Border Agency Museum

Old key in chest“It’s a lot easier to be lost than found. It’s the reason we’re always searching and rarely discovered–so many locks not enough keys.” ~Sarah Dessen, Lock and Key


Ps… Click on the icons below to visit The Twitter Key Project and to see who else is joining in with Wordless Wednesday with Words

Link to the Twitter Key Project