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Day 297 – Hold my hand

Hand with blurred body behind it

“I don’t know where my road is going, but I know that I walk better when I hold your hand.” ~ Alfred de Musset

This is a bit of an experimental shot that I took a few months ago. It was inspired by a series of images I had seen where one single body part was the focus of the picture and I wanted to try creating my own version. It is something I will continue to work on but I rather liked the movement in this one and yet parts of my hand and fingers remain really sharp in the shot. In case you are wondering it is a self portrait and I use a tripod and my phone as a remote control screen and trigger to take my self portrait shots.


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  1. Reply

    Very creative.

  2. Reply

    Love it. You used another camera and had a remote app on ur phone to trigger the shutter, Molly?

  3. Reply

    any road is better with one besides you 😉

  4. Reply

    I love the use of motion blur in this

    Thank you for linking up

  5. Reply

    Great idea and I wouldn’t know how to use my phone as a remote screen although I do use my earphone as a remote on my phone #MySundayPhoto16

  6. Reply

    Wow, that is so cool, I would never of been able to do that! Clio lending a helping hand for Coombe Mill

  7. Reply

    I love this, its great idea. I must get the tripod out and try some self Portraits. Thank for sharing.

  8. Reply

    Molly, this is so lovely!

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