Bluebells woods

Bluebells woods

I took this picture a couple of weeks ago in a small piece of woodland that I visit often on my walks. I have taken some beautiful self portrait pictures here and some lovely shots of female friends who wanted their picture taken. Over the last 6 months I have watched this space transform from autumn to winter and into spring again. I have sat quietly here and watched a deer wander by. It has been a beautiful and peaceful place for me.

Yesterday I returned there yet again, it is a favourite place for me, and was shocked to discover that nearly all the trees have been felled and the Bluebells trampled under foot. The place has been decimated. This beautiful tranquil spot has been raped by man and I stood in the middle of what had been a very special place for me and cried. So this picture is both happy and sad for me. Happy because I found this place and have some lovely memories I shall treasure and sad because someone couldn’t appreciate or value it’s beauty over their monetary gain.

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