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cranes in Bristol harbour

Day 73 – Seeing Giraffes

  I wonder if it is just me who looks at this image and sees giraffes... “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” ~ Albert Einstein Ps... Click on the icon below to see who else is joining in with Sweet…
Neptune Bristol

Day 66 – Neptune

  I wonder why Neptune looks like he is shoving a fish where the sun doesn't shine I wonder if his armpit hair is meant to look like snails I wonder if maybe they are in fact snails and not…
amazing pink sunset in Bristol

Day 62 – Bright Spot

  I wonder if tomorrow my brain will work again properly... I wonder how come I am so exhausted and yet he does not appear to be in the least bit tired... I wonder if everyone I meet this weekend,…
shadows of the dinner table

Day 61 – Our Light

  I wonder if he knows just how much I love going out to dinner with him... I wonder if he knows that it never ever stops being special... I wonder if he knows how amazing it is to not…

Day 48 – Growing Up

  I wonder why sometimes he seems so grown up and then at other times so immature I wonder why sometimes he can be so sweet and nice and other times a total monster I wonder if he will still…
fingers holding stem of wine glass macro shot

Day 37 – Wine and Wonders

  I wonder how best to proceed I wonder what really stopped him telling her that he loved her I wonder why she cried and on a unrelated matter.... I wonder if he knows what a wonderful weekend I had…

Day 13 – Letters

  I wonder if I will get another blog post written before Sunday I wonder where I should start I wonder if I will ever finish it all I wonder what on earth I would do if if I did…

Day 4 – Black Beauty

  Black Beauty I wonder what she is thinking about I wonder if is knows what a good model she is I wonder if she is wondering why I am laying on the floor next to…

Day 1 – New Year Reflections

  I wonder where this project will take me. I wonder if I will manage to complete it. I wonder if I am being too ambitious. I wonder if anyone will even come and look at it