looking up through the bushes to blue skyness

“There was a skyness to the sky and a nowness to the world that he had never seen or felt or realized before.” ~ Neil Gaiman

We often take our local area for granted. We have seen it all, every day in every light, season, weather etc but I find that when I go out with my camera it often inspires me to see things that  have previously missed. This little pathway it one that I have walked 2 or 3 times a week over the last 16 years or so. Either side is lined with a hedge. Of late the council have reduced the times they trim the hedge and so it has started to grow over the path. I had noticed it was getting narrower but I had not noticed that at the top it was almost starting to touch and changing the view above my head. I love this image, the light, the turquoise blue sky, the colour of the leaves and the little streaks of cloud just feel very English spring/summer time.


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