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Day 126 – Sunday city

Monument tube station central London city

“You can’t understand a city without using its public transportation system.” ~ Erol Ozan

Would you believe that this is Monument Tube station which is located in the City of London and a stones throw from St Pauls Cathedral? Why is so deserted? Well most days this image would have been impossible to take as it would have been cluttered with people but on a Sunday afternoon as you can see, it looks more like a suburban station than one right in the city centre.

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  1. There is something so surreal, almost haunting, about a deserted tube station, isn’t there? What a beautiful photo!
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  2. Reply

    These underground stations are murky but exciting. It’s not just that they give a sense of being an under-world (in both senses) but the top of the escalator is like an invitation to adventure . . . where does it go . . .

  3. Reply

    Hard to believe it’s so empty! Amazing photo!

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