Passenger in concert Hammersmith Apollo Young as the morning old as the sea

“I wanna be free as the winds that blow past me
Clear as the air that I breath
To be young as the morning”
And old as the sea – Young as the Morning Old as the Sea by Passenger

A couple of weeks ago we all went to see Passenger in concert. It was the first live gig for my kids. We got there early so that we might get a spot at the front and they were very patient waiting in the cold. As you can see from the picture it was worth the wait. Getting a good picture was tricky though, I am not the tallest of people but I am pleased with this one. Just him on stage, the rest of the band had gone for a ‘break’ and I think you can see the intensity on his face as he was lost in the moment, in the music. If you don’t know him then this will help…


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