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Day 311 – Pea-green

macro shot of green pea-green peas

“I want everybody who’s been mean to me to be pea-green with envy.”
~ Scarlett O’Hara
 Scarlett is not the most likable of heroines. In fact many people really dislike her but I adore her. She is sassy, strong, determined and hugely resourceful. All traits that would be valued in a man but are frowned upon in a women. Sadly her upbringing meant she was very conflicted about herself and her role in society but it is that constant battle that makes her such a wonderfully interesting character to me.

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  1. Reply

    Love that quote! The close up of the peas makes a pretty cool photo

  2. Reply

    A wonderful green and lovely friuts.
    Best, Synnöve

  3. Reply

    I read Gone With The Wind numerous times as a teenager and didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to like Scarlett! I love that particular quote too. I never hear the words “pea green” without thinking of that.

  4. Reply

    What an excellent quote – I know just how she feels! Great picture too! #MySundayPhoto

  5. Reply

    I love that quote, brilliant

    Thank you for linking up

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