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Day 208 – Food explorer

Fruit market in Philadelphia reading terminal food market

“I am not a glutton – I am an explorer of food” ~ Erma Bombeck

This! I love food. Pretty much all food too. I like meat, and fruit, and fish, and vegetables, and bread, and cheese, and…. Well you get the idea. I don’t like Rhubarb, something about the way it goes mushy when you cook it just does not work for me. I am not keen on Rice Pudding for similar reasons. There are the odd other thing I am not keen on but there is a damn good reason I spend a fortune on a gym membership and that reason is food.

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  1. Love the last comment about spending money on a gym membership because of food! It’s completely true! Food is mean to be savored and enjoyed, down to the very last bite.

    • Reply

      Absolutely… I go and sweat at the gym so I can have dessert and a glass of wine.


  2. Food is beautiful. I thought you were going to say t hat you weren’t “gluten” free.

    • Ruth
    • July 27, 2016

    That quote is perfect! I have never tried rhubarb. Strawberry and rhubarb pie was in season on an area I visited a few weeks ago but it was sold out in about two hours. I guess some people love it!

    • Reply

      I think it might be one of those things that is love/hate… you either love it or hate. I am clearly in the hate camp


  3. Sometimes the line between gluttony and food exploration can be quite vague!
    Nice shots, nice quote!!
    I’m so glad you stopped by to share.

  4. Reply

    That all looks sooooooo good!

  5. Reply

    Love the colors!

  6. Summer produce is so fresh and good!

  7. Reply

    What a lovely chot of that street market, great lightning at that one!

    • Reply

      it is actually an indoor market hence the crazy cool lighting


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