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Day 207 – Dancing poppies

Red poppies in a field summer

“Through the dancing poppies stole A breeze most softly lulling to my soul.” ~ John Keats

I stumbled across this field of poppies a week or so ago. I took a LOT of picture. The light was perfect, the colours was amazing. It was idyllic. I now have a lot of poppy pictures. I have kept some of them exactly as they were straight out of the camera but I had so many that I have also played around with different edits on some. This is one of those. Over the next couple of weeks I will probably treat you to more but I don’t want to bore you so I will pace the action.


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    Poppy is your favorite My flowers, I love.
    Wonderful picture!

  2. Molly these are really hard to take. I tried shooting poppies once and all I got was frustrated. They are so flighty so flimsy and they do not sit still for a photo!! Great, no amazing shot!

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    Nothing short of STUNNING!!!!!!!!

    • Reply

      Thank you, I am very proud of this shot


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    This is such a stunning image. Absolutely beautiful.

    I still miss the poppy fields in Germany. I grow poppies in my garden, but they are gone by June and it’s simply not the same.

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    I love these poppy fields and you just made a perfect shot.

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    Simply fabulous, Molly. One of my favorite flowers!

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    So delicate!

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