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Day 159 – Greener

Macro shot with bokeh through the greener grass

“But the grass is always greener on the other side”
~ Side by Travis
The thing I love about this time of year is the lush green colours of everything, the leaves, the plants and the grass all have that new vibrant green about them that is just so full of life. The weather is here has been really rather chilly, I am back in my winter coat and have even had to turn the heating on but outside my window the green continues to fill my view and I hope that soon we shall have some actual summer weather to go with it.

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    Noice. Like what you did with the focus and light and dof.

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    We’ve a fair bit of colour in our garden and even a patch of grass, but i really miss the British Countryside and in particular the seasons. We do get some rain in Dubai, even localised flooding in March, but it’s not quite the same living without seasons

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    a beautiful abstract image

  5. Hey Molly – that shot would be great for your desktop wallpaper, don!’t you think?
    Thanks for linking up at

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