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Day 111 – While Walking

Ayot Green Way Sign post walking

“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

There is a lot of truth to this quote in my experience. I love walking, it is my preferred exercise. There is something about getting out into the countryside that just makes me feel calm and alive. It also combines perfectly with my love of photography too. I do like going for walks with people but really I love it best when I am on my own because that is when I can just relax and let my body carry and my brain go where it wants. Many of my stories have been conceived whilst out walking, in fact many of them on this very path.

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    I whole hardheartedly agree with you with the walking, walking alone and photography. This looks like a pretty spot to walk.

  2. Reply

    Lovely image!

  3. Reply

    it looks like a gorgeous place for a walk. I love walking alone too with my camera. It gives me time to think, allows me to absorb my surroundings and create pictures whenever I see an image.

  4. Reply

    Lovely image Molly, I do wish I could fit in some walking time.

  5. Reply

    I am with you. I tend to enjoy welkin and other things alone, I enjoy the peace and doing my own thing.

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