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Day 39 – Bit of pink

Self portrait wearing pig wig

Self portrait wearing pig wig

“I believe in pink.” ~ Audrey Hepburn

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    Wow, love that hair! My mum has been doing the 100 strangers project recently (where you take pictures of 100 strangers that you haven’t known for more than five minutes) and she’s been focusing on bright hair colours.

  2. Oh lovely! Always wanted some trendy hair color too! #mysundayphoto

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    Great hair. Mine is just a boring brown but I envy your daring. Happy Sunday.

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    Loving the bright pink colour

    Thank you for linking up

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    i see, just a ‘little’ bit of pink here 😉

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    I believe in pink, too! Great wig. Great pic!

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    Quite pink, and sexy eyes 🙂

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