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Day 21 – Resigned

Leaning tree on Devils Dyke Brighton
Leaning tree on Devils Dyke Brighton

“I like trees because they seem more resigned to the way they have to live than other things do.” ~ Willa Cather

* I am very happy to say that a print of this image won 3rd place at one of the competitions at my local Camera Club.

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  1. Reply

    An incredible photograph and the kind that stirs emotion from the depths of my soul, through my heart and mind.

  2. Reply

    That is a very characteristic tree – lovely find!

  3. Reply

    Stunning photo xx

    • Jacq
    • January 22, 2015

    Lovely shot.

  4. Reply

    I can see why it won, what a stunning image

  5. Reply

    And so it should have won a prize, it’s ace!

  6. That quote goes so well with the picture. The photo is pretty awesome on its own though.

  7. Reply

    P. S. Where was this photo taken? And…congrats!

    • Reply

      On Devil’s Dyke which part of the South Downs that runs behind Brighton on the South coast


  8. Reply

    Oh my, such a dramatic shot. Perfect in B/W. Very Ansel Adams-esque

  9. Reply

    Ooh, cool shot! Reminds me of One Tree Hill in New Zealand, where I hark from. 🙂

  10. It does look stunning so I think it deserve to win =)


    Dropping by from

  11. Reply

    No wonder it won a prize, beautiful shot, so still but with such energy too 🙂

  12. Reply

    what an amazing picture… and the caption… even better! made me think!

  13. Reply

    Gorgeous picture x

  14. Reply

    JM, Illinois

  15. Reply

    A simply stunning and very atmospheric picture, I’m not surprised it did well in the competition! #thegallery

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