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Day 54 – Brown

Brown leaves on winter tree

Brown leaves on winter tree

“But look around, leaves are brown
And the sky is a hazy shade of winter”
~ Hazy Shade of Winter by Simon and Garfunkel

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    • Mia
    • March 1, 2014

    Lovely close-up of winter leaves!

    ~Mia~ xx

    • Kathy
    • February 24, 2014

    We have so much WHITE around here…that I am enjoying seeing BROWN! Love the bit of bokeh in the background, lends an ethereal feel to the photo. Thanks for joining in at Song-ography.

  1. Reply

    Autumn glory in winter’s gray! Lovely.

  2. Reply

    Beautiful. Oak is my favorite tree, we have couple of them in the yard. You are waiting winter, and we are waiting spring here other side of the globe 😉

  3. Reply

    Lovely capture.

  4. Reply

    Love that song and the picture. The way the leaves in the front are so crisp and so soft in the back, it’s really well done!

  5. Reply

    Your brown leaves are very peaceful and calm. I like to find leaves still hanging on trees like that.

  6. Reply

    The brown leaves are very pretty Molly! We are just about to see green leaves and Springtime in Pennsylvania! Well, at least I hope we are. Sometimes I think the snow will never leave us!

    • Judy
    • February 23, 2014

    Definitely a different perspective. Our trees are bare but look wonderful covered in snow and ice.

  7. Reply

    There certainly has been a lot of brown and hazy shades of winter around here as well. Looking forward to some pictures of green! I like trying to guess the song just from the picture.

  8. Reply

    ‘Wintry fall’ was what came to mind when I first saw your pic. 🙂

  9. Reply

    I am so ready to see a little green amongst the brown, and for the bright blue skies of spring.

  10. Reply

    I do love the colors of fall and winter. Though I am ready for the brightness of spring and summer now !

  11. Reply

    Lovely capture. Seems this tree it still fully in winter mode 🙂

    Marie xox

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