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Day 202 – Up On The Roof

Sitting up on the roof

Sitting up on the roof “I’ll climb way up to the top of the stairs and all my cares just drift right into space. On the roof, it’s peaceful as can be and there the world below don’t bother me, no, no.” ~ Up On The Roof/James Taylor

Ps… Click on the icon below to see who else is joining in with these Sunday meme’s. The prompt for this weeks Song-ography meme is Up On The Roof/James Taylor

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  1. Reply

    SO cute and SO creative! 🙂

  2. Reply

    Very creative, I’m loving this!

  3. Reply

    And it leaves the viewer wondering so many things.. why is that person up there? how did they get up there? does their mother know?????? LOL Such a fun shot!

      • mollyskiss
      • July 22, 2013

      Hahahaaaa…. I have no idea if my Mother knows I was up on the roof. I am rather flattered that people have mistaken my legs for a young girls


  4. Reply

    HA HA!!! I just live this.

  5. Reply

    Wonderful shot! So who is this? 🙂

  6. Reply

    I love this photo!!! I’d love to lay on the roof like that. 🙂

  7. Reply

    That’s great!!

  8. Reply

    This is so funny …love especially the pink trainers! Marvelous!

  9. Reply

    Cute take. There is something about this that just makes me smile. I wouldn’t have been brave enough to have sat on a roof dangling my feet over the edge.

  10. Reply

    Looks like a lovely place to hang around. Love the pink shoes, too!

    Happy Sunday!

  11. Reply

    Love this response and the processing.

  12. Reply

    Summer dreaming at its finest!

  13. Reply

    Great great shot!

  14. Reply

    LOL…okay YOU are one of those ‘crazy peeps’ I was referring too :). But TOTALLY lovin’ this creativity and interpretation of “Up on the Roof”. Sheer brilliance my friend! Did any of your neighbors see you doing this? But then again, I’m thinking they might have come to expect this out of you :). Thanks for linking up to Song-ography this week.

  15. Reply

    I JUST LOVE THIS!! I shared a pic of the roof I used to lie on when I was a kid…dreaming the days away. I would have never had the guts to dangle my feet over…not cause it was so high, but it would have made my parents so mad! There’s a free spirit captured here, and that’s what I love so much!

    • Judy
    • July 21, 2013

    I wonder who owns the boots?

      • mollyskiss
      • July 21, 2013

      Me! These are my feet/legs


  16. Reply

    wonderful and kooky. I love it.

    • saun
    • July 21, 2013

    Love it!

  17. Reply

    This made me laugh. I’m intrigued by the possible backstory.

    • rebecca
    • July 21, 2013

    Very creative. Nice find.

  18. Reply

    Cute, we certainly had the weather for it…

  19. Reply

    Interesting shot – and a little scary.

    • Brandi
    • July 21, 2013

    I really like how this is processed! Great shot!

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