Jessica on the portrait project


Jessica on the portrait project

“I want…a pickle”
*Taken in the bar in the Hyatt House Hotel, King Of Prussia on New Years Eve

My goal for my 365 Project this year is to include more portraits of random people I meet along the way. Originally I was thinking of making it a 365 Portrait Project but collecting the images has been more of a challenge than I anticipated and so for now I have set myself the goal of posting two portraits a week which means over the course of the year I will have taken 104 different people portraits. Each portrait will be posted with the subjects. “I wish, I want, I wonder” thoughts.

As a result I have decided that as of next week I am going to host my own linked in meme on Saturday’s dedicated to people and portraits, I will post the rules and full details along with a meme badge later this week. I hope it will inspire you to take your own people pictures and link them in here.


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