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Day 84 – Spotted!

super macro shot of ladybug


We call them Ladybirds in the UK….

super macro shot of ladybug

A small speckled visitor
Wearing a crimson cape
Brighter than a cherry
Smaller than a grape
A polka-dotted someone
Walking on my wall
A black-hooded lady
In a scarlet shawl.
~ Joan Walsh Anglund


Ps.. Click on the link below to see who else is joining in with Macro Monday

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  1. Reply

    I love ladybirds. We don’t see this variety where I live.

    Sorry you don’t like the music. Many have commented that they do like it, but I understand, I have the same negative reaction to most music on blogs too.

  2. Reply

    Your ladybug is almost scarlet–very pretty color!

  3. Reply

    Aw, just love ladybugs and that’s a great poem too! Haven’t seen any around where I live yet but hope to soon!

  4. Reply

    Great capture! Yesterday my sister found a tree outside our home that was crawling with ladybugs! I took a few shots as well!

  5. Reply

    That’s the only bug I like and find cute ! All the others make me run away, lol !

  6. Reply

    So creative and colorful and great poem ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

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