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Lid of fast food drinks container with droplets of water on top

Day 67 – Keep it to a minimum

"Now, occasionally I will still have that quarter pounder because I love fast food, but you have to keep it to a minimum." ~ Aretha Franklin 
icecream in display cabanit with fisheye lens effect

Day 56 – Chaos

"Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos." ~Don Kardong 
greek salad

Day 236 – Greek salad

“Every salad you serve is a picture you have painted, a sculpture you have modeled, a drama you have created.” ~ Carol Truax Not all salads are created equal in my opinion. Some are just way better than others and…
Churros with hot caramel sauce

Day 215 – Churros

"The food was delicious, the wine even better, as elemental and earthy as the wild hills where the grapes grew. They finished with sips of chocolate-infused port and cinnamon churros." ~ Susan Wiggs There was no chocolate infused port but…
Chocolate orange faned out on a plate with tea mug and pot

Day 152 – Chocolate Orange Treats

“Chocolate is a perfect food, as wholesome as it is delicious, a beneficent restorer of exhausted is the best friend of those engaged in literary pursuits.” ~ Justus von Liebig My favourite chocolate ever is Terry's Chocolate Orange. It…
cookie stall at Kings cross

Day 124 – Cookie towers

"The pleasure lies not in the cookies, but in the pattern the crumbs make when the cookies crumble." ~ Michael Korda Although these look fabulous I was not tempted to part with my money to buy them because I knew…
dinner date for two

Day 86 – Dinner date

"The most essential part of my day is a proper dinner." ~ Rachael Ray And a dinner date with someone you love, spending the evening enjoying good food and each others company is one of my favourite things to do.…
Glass of Rosa wine on table in pub

Day 47 – Sensory Perfection

“Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world and one of the most natural things of the world that has been brought to the greatest perfection, and it offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation than,…
Pouring jasmine tea into teacup

Day 37 – Jasmine

"If I, the boiling water, And you, the tea; Then your fragrance Has to depend solely upon my plainness.... I have to be hot, even boiled Before we consume each other...." ~ Dominic Cheung This is my daughter pouring me…
Nuts in shells

Day 26 – Nuts

"You can't go wrong with some nuts" ~ Summer SandersAnd she is right in my opinion although sometimes getting out the shell makes it all seem rather like hard work however they do look look very pretty sitting on the…
Black Austin tea mug in the sun

Day 276 – Is there any tea?

“Arthur blinked at the screens and felt he was missing something important. Suddenly he realized what it was. "Is there any tea on this spaceship?" he asked.” ~ Douglas Adams I like my morning cup of coffee but after that…
crisp cold Cobra beer in glass half full

Day 168 – Crisp and cold

"He was a wise man who invented beer." ~ Plato Beer is one of the worlds oldest prepared drinks. The earliest chemical evidence of beer dates back to circa 3500–3100 BC but there is also evidence that existed as far…