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italian war memorial kefalonia

Day 249 – Italian War Memorial

The Italian War Memorial is located on the edge of the capital of Kefalonia, Argostoli. It commemorates the 9250 Italian soldiers who died during battles with the Germans, were executed or died during transport to detention camps. Thousands of Italian…
Amelia Welsh Gravestone Ayot St Peter

Day 172 – Amelia

“Graves aren't for the dead. They're for the loved ones the dead leave behind them. ~  Jim Butcher I wonder who Amelia was. We know she was the 'beloved wife of William Welsh' and that died in 1908 but that…
Lost village of Hampton Gay Oxfordshire

Day 253 – Solemnly

"To the solemn graves, near a lonely cemetery, my heart like a muffled drum is beating funeral marches." ~ Charles Baudelaire *Taken at St Giles Church in the lost village of Hampton Gay, Oxfordshire