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Day 42 -Glorious mess

View from the shard of London street editied to look like a mini world of glorious mess

“London always reminds me of a brain. It is similarly convoluted and circuitous. A lot of cities, especially American ones like New York and Chicago, are laid out in straight lines. Like the circuits on computer chips, there are a lot of right angles in cities like this. But London is a glorious mess. It evolved from a score or so of distinct villages, that merged and meshed as their boundaries enlarged. As a result, London is a labyrinth, full of turnings and twistings just like a brain.” ~ James Geary

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    Love the angle of this, it looks like a toy town

    Thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

  2. Reply

    What a neat thought! London was really fun to explore because of that reason. It is no wonder the cabbies have to pass practically a master’s degree to get a license!!

  3. Reply

    I love that quote!

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