Snow and frost glistening in the morning sunlight with bokeh

“At the end of the night awaits the white morning: showered in sunlight.” ~ Gerrit Achterberg

A lot of the time I find myself talking pictures with the same lens despite the fact that I have 4 other ones to play with so this year I want to make a big effort to use some of those other lens. In fact I might start only taking one out with me so I am forced to use that one and not revert to ‘old trusty’. This shot was taken with my Sigma 105mm which is a lovely lens but with a very shallow depth of field so for best results a tripod is needed. However on this occasion I just got down on the ground and used my elbows to create some stability. I am really pleased with the result I love how the sunlight has created all that pretty glistening bokeh on the snow.


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