black and white of london black cab, Hackney Carriage

Some of the best navigators in the world are London taxi cab drivers. They have to learn 25,000 streets and how to get from one to the other. John O’Keefe

In order to become a taxi driver in London you have to complete something called The Knowledge. It is the worlds most demanding course for taxi cab drivers and on average takes 3 years to complete. You can not drive a black cab in London without having passed The Knowledge and obtaining your cabbies license. The black cab or Hackney Carriage as it is offically known is definitely an iconic London sight and originally started in London as horse drawn carriages back in the early 1600’s. The first regulation of them was recorded in 1636 when the number of carriages allowed to operate was set at 50. Today that number is 21,000 and none of them are pulled by horses.

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