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Day 7 – Unloved

Unloved Black and White os Shredded Wheat factory in Welwyn Garden City
“The space within becomes the reality of the building.” ~ Frank Lloyd Wright
And when the space within is abandoned and unloved that becomes the reality of the whole building. This was, as you can just make out from the former sign, the Shredded Wheat factory that is in my town. Shredded Wheat left nearly 10 years ago. There has been much fighting and debate about the future of this building but whilst that all drags on it sits empty and slowly but surely disintegrates.
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    Beautiful b&w.

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    That’s so sad, I’m close to tears (maybe it’s cabin fever). I tried to take some old building photos and they didn’t work out. I wonder if that’s because old factory buildings have a tendency to be repurposed around here or I just couldn’t hear its story.

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      It is usual for a building to be like this in the UK. We are short of land and it is a prime real estate but this one is complex as the building is actually listed and so much of it can not be knocked down however the current structure really limits what you can do with it.


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    How sad. Surely a building like that could be useful. If it’s left too long it might be impossible to rescue. I like all the different lines in your photo.

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      Sadly it is really starting to fall apart. It is a listed building and so can not be knocked down which limits what can happen to it. I have a feeling the company that owns it is actually hoping it will fall down because then they can just use the land


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