All the vegetables in Borough Market

“Facts must be faced. Vegetables simply don’t taste as good as most other things do.” ~ Peg Bracken

I am going to have to disagree with Peg on that one. Sure, if you just boil them up in some water then you are definitely going to think this but if you cook them right then you should have a treat on your hands. There are not many vegetables I don’t like. I can’t eat cauliflower, there is something in it that gives me the most painful indigestion. On doing research I have found that apparently I am not alone in that. My favourite vegetables are courgettes, leeks, sprouting broccoli, cabbage, peas, sprouts (Yes I am one of those people who actually likes sprouts) carrots, runner beans… OK, so I basically like pretty much all the vegetables. I couldn’t live on them alone that is for sure. I like my meat too but I also couldn’t live without them either.

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