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Day 268 – Free range cats

Cat feet free walking towards camera in black and white

“I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat.” ~ Edgar Allan Poe

I often wonder about the lives our cats lead when they are out and about. They have a cat flap and free range to come and go as and when they please. One of them, Rita, tends to stay near home, in fact she really likes to stay in and sleep on my daughters bed. Mr Wawa, pictured above, is a bit more adventurous. One of his favourite places is on top of the garage from where he can survey everything at the back and the front of the house but he also disappears off over the fence. I do know he visits our neighbour from time to time but apart from that, well its a mystery.

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  1. Reply

    An awesome lovely photo!
    I often think the same and wish, my cat could tell me about her life outside and about her wanderings, before she came to me…
    Have a nice weekend 🙂

  2. Reply

    Absolutely beautiful image!!

    • Jarek
    • September 28, 2016

    Interesting point of view…

    • Jandi
    • September 27, 2016

    Awesome image! Our cats love to explore the park next to our house!

  3. Reply

    So lovely “walking paws” … Mr Wawa is for sure adventurous!! have a good day!

  4. Reply

    Nice photo!! Once, one of my cats got stuck behind my neighbour’s radiator, in their living room… That cat always embarassed me. lol Another cat of mine missed home for a week and he came back with some sort of sticky, yucky thing all over his fur. He needed two baths to get rid of it completely.

    • Reply

      Oh my, that is funny. Mr Wawa recently spent the night locked in a neighbours shed. I was very worried about him as it was very hot too. Luckily I heard him calling out the next day and went and asked them to let him out


  5. Reply

    Mystery is what cats do best 😉 This is a great photo. I love the way you’ve caught his paw in motion.

    • Reply

      Thank you. He is rarely cooperative when it comes to images but he played along nicely on this occasion


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