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Day 250 – A sultry affair

Philadelphia subway 2nd street market frankfort line sultry heat

If you look at the date you will see that I took this picture last summer. We spent a glorious three week in Philadelphia visiting with family and generally enjoying ourselves. Michael is of the opinion that is was just too damn hot, I was of the opinion that it is was just right weather wise. I will say though that down below ground waiting for a train in a fairly warm experience. All the trains have air conditioning, unlike in London but the platforms, well they have some fans which really just move the intensely hot around a bit. No matter what time of day or night it was, the subway platforms of Philadelphia are a sultry affair

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  1. Reply

    Looks like its vacated especially for the photoshoot….

  2. Reply

    Nicely captured! And yes, I imagine capturing it empty was quite a feat!!! I like the gold tones…

  3. You managed to catch it looking deserted – now THAT is a rare sight.
    Thanks for sharing at

  4. Reply

    The main thing is you sound like you had a wonderful trip and for you the weather was bearable. Nice shot!

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