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Day 191 – Ordinary paradise

Black and white of english countryside pathway fields ordinary paradise

“She grew up in the ordinary paradise of the English countryside”
~ A.S. Byatt

I have a split personality when it comes to where I grew up. My parents lived in central London and my Grandparents down in Sussex. Every school holiday I would spend with them and so my life was much split between the inner city and rural countryside. As a result I love and have a strong affinity with both. However if I had my way I would live in the middle of the city and dip into the countryside when I needed it. Because for all my love of rural England the city girl in me seems to always come first.

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    ‘Ordinary Paradise’. I like that phrase. That’s where I live, too!

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    Idyllic scene. All hard lines are beautifully softened by vegetation. So restful.

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    Oh, you have a picture every day – cool. And what I especially like is, that you have to say something to your pictures. They are not only pictures and beautiful pictures they are a part of you and you tell us this part of you it shows. Thats amazing. Thank you very much and sorry for my english may not be that good. Marion

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