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Day 175 – Icecream Days

Plastic icecream sign against blue sky

“It was the color of someone buying you an ice cream cone for no reason at all.” ~ Lemony Snicket

I don’t quite know what that colour is but I do definitely know that feeling. There is something warm and gentle about that moment when for no other reason than you can, someone buys you an ice cream cone. In the UK that would be from the Icecream Van which you find all over the place. One of the things that bemused Michael when he first came to the UK was that no matter what the weather you can find an Icecream van at the park or the beach, or a local attraction. I had to explain to him that if we waited for icecream weather in the UK, we would never eat the stuff. Although sometimes we do get the right weather, as my photo shows, and then it is an even more enjoyable special treat.


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  1. Sometimes you just can’t wait to enjoy things, you have to enjoy them when you can. Ice cream sounds good, even in winter sometimes!

  2. Reply

    LOVE. IT. That’s the best attitude I’ve seen since realizing that all weather is “dog weather” simply because it’s “weather.” You put me and my cheesehead blog to shame, I didn’t get a single pic of ice cream and dairy month is almost over. Well done, great photo.

  3. Reply

    It sound’s like what we’d say in Upstate NY too! Our weather is ever changing and if we waited to go out for an ice cream cone, it wouldn’t be often! We try to take advantage of when the ice cream shops are open in the summer.

  4. We’re the same way in Boston about our ice cream and iced coffee – all season and all year or we’d never get it!

  5. Reply

    What a cheerful shot, to brighten our day after that incredible storm last night!

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