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Day 173 – Garden Snails

Snail with green shell snails

“A snail hides in his shell.” ~ George R.R. Martin

We have a lot of snails in the garden and slugs too. As a general rule I just leave them to it. I am a big believer in letting the wildlife share my garden. I don’t keep it perfect, far from it. I tend to let things do their own thing, only stepping in when it gets completely out of control. As a result the garden is full of life, birds, snails, slugs, ladybirds, bees, ants, and other fabulous bugs. I am fairly sure my neighbour, whose garden looks like something out of a magazine, hates the wild mess that resides on the other side of the fence but I don’t care. I like it wild.

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  1. Una foto impresionante…

  2. Reply

    Nicely captured! I’m not particularly fond of bug or snail photos…but this one is quite lovely, subject not withstanding!!! The lighting on the shimmering shell is what captured my eye. Well done!

  3. Fun picture of the snail so close! I admire you for letting things be as they are in nature. It’s important to let things be wild sometimes.

  4. Reply

    Lovely shot.

  5. Reply

    I can’t stay out when my becomes too messy but all the little creatures are more than welcome!

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