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Day 146 – Superior one

Cat with large shadow on the pavement of superior cat Mr Wawa

“The way to get on with a cat is to treat it as an equal – or even better, as the superior it knows itself to be.” ~ Elizabeth Peters

Oh how true this is. This is Mr Wawa, not his first appearance here on my 365 project. He so utterly convinced of his superiority that we often call him King Wawa because that is what he thinks he is. King of everyone and all he surveys. There is no doubt in his mind as far as I he is concerned he is the boss of us and his quiet timid sister whom he harnesses for now other reason that to pass time or get our attention.


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    Yeppers Cats rule!
    JM, IL

  2. Reply

    love cats so very much being their own selves. They can be coy and shy away or the star of the show.
    come see us at

  3. Reply

    Great photo!

  4. Reply

    Oh how pretty.

  5. Reply

    No dumb kitty. I have never been a cat person, but my sister was. We only had a dog now and then.

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