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Day 137 – Lavender bonnet

Lavender bonnet flower in sunlight

“It always seems to me as if the lavender was a little woman in a green dress, with a lavender bonnet and a white kerchief. She’s one of those strong, sweet, wholesome people, who always rest you, and her sweetness lingers long after she goes away.” ~ Myrtle Reed

I love this description not just because I think it conjurers up such a strong image but because it contains the word bonnet. Why don’t we use that word more? It has such a lovely ring to it. Go on, say it out loud, Bonnet. It feels nice to say and I can’t help but think of pretty things and simple times when I hear it. It is definitely a word that should not be lost into the voids of the past.

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    Great, beautiful photo!

  2. Reply

    Such a lovely post! I love the photo, the subject, the quote and your narrative!

  3. Quite true, not days it’s abbreviations for almost everything. Gorgeous capture come share it with us in the Texture Twist!

  4. Reply

    i love lavender – such a beautiful pic !

  5. Reply

    “Bonnet” conjures up images of little girls in “Little House on the Prairie” frocks. 🙂

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