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Day 132 – Definitely Grand

Fasacde of the Grand hotel Brighton

“The great thing about Brighton is that you can buy your lover a pair of knickers on Victoria Station and in less than two hours have them off again in the Grand Hotel.” ~ Keith Waterhouse

I suspect you have realised now that this is the front of The Grand Hotel in Brighton. It is an iconic Victorian building (built in 1864) that stands centre stage on the sea front. Grand in both size and looks it architecture has a strong Italian influence. However it maybe most famous for being blown up by the IRA, in 1984, in an attempt to murder Mrs Thatcher and her government who were staying in the hotel at the time for their annual party conference. Mrs Thatcher survived the bombing but sadly 5 people died and numerous people were severely injured.


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  1. Molly, I was looking over your photos and was immediately struck by the angle of this one. I’m sure the hotel must be grand when you look at it straight on, but by the angle you have chosen to photograph it, it looks even Grander! And it highlights the, what do you call them, my architecture is rusty, the buttresses that hold up the balconies. Beautiful and striking photograph.

  2. Reply

    Absolutely Gorgeous! Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Un edifico muy bonito y una gran foto. Además de la información histórica.

  4. Reply

    Haha…GREAT quote!

  5. Reply

    Oh I remember that. You naughty gal you. Love that quote at the top.

    • bj
    • May 11, 2016

    Oh, my….what a GRAND hotel.

  6. Reply

    This is a wonderfully dynamic photo of a solid structure. Very nice, Molly! (Oh, and thanks for visiting the Gypsy the other day!)

  7. Reply

    Definitely a grand building and I like the piece of history that goes with it 🙂

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