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Day 129 – For the joy of it

wild rose blooms for joy

“A flower blossoms for its own joy.” ~ Oscar Wilde

Actually a flower blooms for its self preservation in order to make more of itself but I think their beauty makes us forget that at times and focus on the joy they bring us. It has been a long deary winter here and I hate it. I was not built for the cold. I am fairly sure I was meant to have been born in a warmer climate but sadly I got stuck with England. However today the weather is just magical. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the sky is blue and my garden is calling me. Today is my idea of the perfect weather.


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    such beautiful flowers. i really adore that pink. and i love the way the light has caused shadows on the inside. great shot.

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    I’ll be in England in 2 weeks. We’ve had a very dreary spring here as well. I’m hoping your weather warms (and dries) before I get there!

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    What beautiful flowers, love their colours

    Thank you for linking up

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    England and Michigan are much the same — and like you, I wasn’t built for the cold! But at least things are coloring up now — lovely green coming out on the trees, lots of flowers. It’s all good.

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    Lovely photo. I too should have been born in the Med! Love the warm summer days #MySundayPhoto

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    That so pretty. Lovely colours and great focus. xx

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