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Day 107 – Clouds that come and go

Black and white landscape bennington Lordship with clouds

“The sky and the sun are always there. It’s the clouds that come and go.” ~ Rachel Joyce

I love a perfectly clear blue sky. It is not something we get a lot of in the UK but when we do they are utterly beautiful but a sky with lots of blue and those fat puffy clouds sailing through it are also fabulous. There is something about those clouds that I find beautiful. Yes they block my beloved sun now and then but they also dance across the sky decorating it with their ever changing shapes.

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  1. Reply

    Beautiful b&w.

  2. Reply

    Heisann…. great photos of the sky and the surroundings ;:OD)

  3. Reply

    I like the light in your photo! It’s great!
    xxx Britta

  4. Reply

    Absolutely beautiful. Stunning sky!

  5. Reply

    Splendid bw

  6. Reply

    Great Shot!
    Greetings, Christine

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