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Day 104 – Wawa experience

Wawa coffee cup on football field in England

“When you come into Wawa for that cup of coffee in the morning or for that snack or for whatever purpose you come to Wawa for, it can be an uplifting experience.” ~ Howard Stoeckel

I am pretty sure that I am the only person in the UK who turns up to their sons football matches with a Wawa coffee cup. Sadly I don’t have a Wawa hoodie to go with it but now I know there is such a thing next time we visit Philly I am going to obtain one. The Wawa is a chain of convenience stores located on the east coast of the USA, mainly in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey. However calling it a convenience store feels a bit misleading because it is way more than JUST a convenience store. There is nothing even remotely like it in the UK. Imagine a local shop where you can also buy the best freshly brewed coffee you ever tasted, freshly made sandwiches and hot food, whilst also picking up your milk, bread, newspaper and petrol and all for a bargain price too. The Wawa is a special place and if one day we return to live in the USA I wouldn’t consider living anywhere that did not have a one of these wonderful places nearby.

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  1. Reply

    We don’t have wawa here in Georgia! We have Racetrack. Have a great week!

  2. Reply

    Great image!

  3. Reply

    Haha, I love the name!

  4. Reply

    I don’t drink coffee but hubby has a cup in his hands at all times! We have those types of convenience stores all over the U.S. and they’re always super busy.

  5. Reply

    Very interesting, Molly. Sounds great and is not a store I have ever come across.

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