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Day 101 – No Fishing

No Fishing words on Brighton breakwater wall Brighton Marina

“There are always new places to go fishing. For any fisherman, there’s always a new place, always a new horizon.” ~ Jack Nicklaus

I thought this quotes was kind of funny with this image, because there may always be new places to go fishing but there might be huge ‘no fishing’ signs when you get there. This was taken in Brighton and it is the harbour wall/breakwater for Brighton Marina.


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  1. Reply

    Loved this!!

  2. Reply

    Great image!

  3. Reply

    But can you fish on the other side of the wall? 😉

    • Reply

      Yes actually. On the other side of a the wall there is actually an bit of wall that had all the fishermen lined up on it, sadly it was not possible to get the writing and them all in the same shot as they are basically below the wall level. Would have made for a funny picture though


  4. Reply

    My brother loves to go fishing so he would have hated that message, Clio lending a helping hand for Coombe Mill

  5. Reply

    wonderful photo, hope that people will follow up on it 😉

  6. Reply

    I love the drama in the sky, it looks a lovely sunny day

    Thank you for linking up

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