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Day 62 – Bug bear

Litter in the crocus' Hatfield, a bug bear

I hate litter. It is a real bug bear of mine and something I have 0 tolerance for. You only have to ask my children about it to know that. Apple cores and the like are one thing, they actually provide sustenance to the natural world but not when you discard on the pavement (sidewalk for the Murricans). However trash like this just drives me nuts. Oh and just in case you are wondering, after I took this picture I picked up the can and carried it with me until I finally found a bin to put it in.

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    Oh my gosh. So do I. I rarely go for a walk in the countryside without picking up stuff and when I walked the Inca Trail I was like a rubbish mule. One of the very few things I dislike about travelling in Africa is how people just throw their litter out of the window of vehicles as they drive through the bush. I have had full on arguments with programme staff about it and forced the drivers to stop so I can go back an pick it up. They think I am mad because it’s just accepted todo this.

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    I am totally with you on this. I hate litter too and don’t understand why people feel the need to throw their trash everywhere but where it belongs!

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    If we all could be as conscious as you of the ugliness of litter thinks would look better in a lot of places. The wind in our neck of the woods has delivered quite a lot of litter to our yard. We pick up stuff almost every day. Thanks for your park in caring for our Earth.

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    I agree! People just being to lazy in my opinion . No respect!

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