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Day 38 – Big Respect

Hippo underwater Camden Aquariam

“I respect hippos. They just look the way they do; they can’t do anything about it, but they don’t seem bothered.” ~ Laura Mvula


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    What a coincidence! I just went to Adventure Aquarium in NJ for the first time, because they were advertising their hippos. Unfortunately, I didn’t get nearly as awesome a photo as yours.

    • Reply

      It is such a cool place. Best Aquarium I have been to in a long time


  2. that is a fabulous shot and a bit scary even. hippos are the most dangerous animal on earth i have read. i would not want to meet one in a lake somewhere:)

  3. Reply

    Oh hippos. They are so fascinating! They look so clumsy but still are such dangerous animals.

  4. Reply

    That’s a cool looking hippo!

  5. Reply

    I love the grace of a hippo and all the rolls and folds. So much like a fat baby and almost a cute.

  6. Reply

    Hippos look awesome, don’t you think? They are pretty amazing. Great photo.

  7. Reply

    Indeed…. what a wonderful creature that is. isn’t it… I love how they move like ballerinas when in water…

  8. Reply

    Great detail in the photo, he looks so relaxed

    Thank you for linking up

  9. Reply

    Absolutely stunning!

  10. Awwwwww – a hoppi on #MuSIndayphoto – I *love* hippos. I have a whole ointerst board just for them and as I can’t have one I have to make do with pigs which look similar in many ways. Thank you for making me a happy hippo loving bunny today!!

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