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Day 118 – Automatic

Old Typewriter in monochrome

Old Typewriter in monochrome

 “Back before everything became automatic” ~ Automatic by Miranda Lambert

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    PERFECT! I was just telling my Thing #3 how fast of a typer I was in my high school typing class. She couldn’t BELIEVE there was actually a class I had to take for TYPING. I told her, I bet HER kids will be lamenting the fact SHE had to take “computer science” in school! Thanks for sharing at Song-ography. And my apologies for taking so long to get around to visit this week.

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    My daughter gave me an old manual typewriter for my birthday one year. Great image.

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    Great photo! I’m kicking myself for getting rid of my old typewriter. It was a beauty!

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    Great photo! I love the aging on it too. That is the kind of typewriter they had in my first typing class and my first job. Don’t miss typing on that at all. lol

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    Oh, what a fine antique typewriter. You are so lucky to have this to photograph!

  6. Ah, before key boarding! Tom The Backroads Traveller

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    OMG this is a lovely photo! Makes me want to start writing using a typing machine 🙂

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    this kind of typewriter looks much more romantic than our modern keyboards:) Yeah, I remember typing lessons – they were dreadful!

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    The sound of a typewriter is very soothing to me….at least it use to be!

    • Carol Blackburn
    • April 28, 2015

    Nice keyboard………………..the kind that gave you a workout for the arms.

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    Gosh I haven’t seen a real typewriter in forever!
    Thanks for sharing at

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