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Day 37 – Distortion

Self portrait in hand dryer
Self portrait in hand dryer

“To reflect is to disturb one’s thoughts.” ~ Jean Rostand

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    You make the bathroom look really cool!

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    Very cool photo – distortion is not even noticeable..
    Have a Nice Day!
    Peace 🙂

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    Cool selfie

  4. Reply

    la photographe photographiee ;o)

    • sc
    • February 7, 2015

    A real clean washroom. Great shot.

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    Great reflection!

  6. Molly I left a comment earlier this afternoon about your post today but I do not see it above.. What I said we ‘Two selfies in one image’. That is cool.. Have a great weekend.

    • Reply

      It is there now, sorry, it had got caught in spam

  7. Molly Thanks for visiting my WR today and it is wonderful to know that your family own the Old Mill.. I Hope you will be able, to later see the photos I took near sunset. I think they are so much more beautiful than today’s ones.. I would have written to you but I could not find an email address for you..

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    No avoiding a selfie there.

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    Must be a rather clean bathroom. Interesting image.

  10. Two ‘selfies’ in one shot.. A great reflection even it is distorted. Adds to the great effect. I hope you have a great weekend.

  11. Ha!

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