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Day 277 – Patience

Black and white macro shot of spider in its web

Black and white macro shot of spider in its web

“Patience is a virtue.” ~ Piers Plowman

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  1. Reply

    gorgeous detail!

    • CJ
    • October 12, 2014

    Ah —the busy spider —and a beautiful one, too.

    There is another quote/poem about patience:
    Patience is a virtue
    Catch it if you can
    Seldom found in women
    Never in a man.

    I guess it’s dated and sexist, but I found it to be true —most of the time, but not always.

    Thanks for viewing my B&W for 10/3.

  2. Reply

    Aren’t the patterns in their shell so cool? Love the zig-zag

  3. Reply

    that is a great shot of the spider spinning the web.

  4. Reply

    Brilliant photo in B&W with these fantastic details!

    • Mary
    • October 5, 2014

    Absolutely amazing shot!

    • Sera
    • October 4, 2014

    Even though I am not a spider fan, great pic! I love that you can see so much detail of the spider.

  5. Reply

    Creepy as it is, I really like your photo! Amazing details captured.

  6. Reply

    Not my favourite critter, but an excellent photo.

  7. Reply

    OMG. Euuuwww! Just euuwwwww!!!
    (Not the photo, the spider!)

  8. Reply

    O so very creepy but beautifully captured.

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