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Day 94 – Blot on the Landscape

Shredded Wheat Factory Welwyn Garden City

Shredded Wheat Factory Welwyn Garden City

The Shredded Wheat Factory was built in Welwyn Garden City in 1926 and provided large employment to the town for many years. It was closed down in 2008 and has stood empty and unloved ever since. It is now an ugly blight on the landscape. There has been much talk of it being turned into a supermarket or housing but its Grade II listed status means that so far all plans submitted to the council have been reject. The situation is insane, the building is ugly and quite literally starting to fall down but must be preserved because it is ‘iconic’ and of its time.

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    • Mia
    • April 6, 2014

    This is a lovely reflection shot.

    It is a shame that planners seem unable to work out what is best for this sort of situation as all that happens is that deterioration takes over and the building falls apart – could be interesting though for future photography!

    ~Mia~ xx

    • Andy
    • April 6, 2014

    Beautiful and colourful reflection.

  1. Reply

    Puddles are great for reflections. There must come a time when Grade II listed buildings need to have a reality check and have that status reversed.

  2. Reply

    Great grain elevator reflections in that puddle. Like the rhythm and composition.

  3. Reply

    What a beautiful puddle reflection… Awesome choice for this week contest, obviously.

  4. Reply

    Brilliant photo!

    Marie xox

  5. Reply

    a great reflection shot!

  6. Reply

    I think this is a perfect shot that reflects the past beautifully.

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