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Day 36 – Syrup Trap

Waffle and icecream


Waffle and icecream

“A waffle is like a pancake with a syrup trap.” ~ Mitch Hedberg

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    • Mia
    • February 10, 2014

    You are not helping with my healthy eating efforts!!! That looks absolutely delicious!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  1. Reply

    OMG delish!!!!

    Marie xox

  2. Reply

    Mmm, I wish I had eaten more lunch because I’m hungry now!

  3. Reply

    Oh maaannn.. My post for #thegallery is about eating a bit more healthily. Your photo has made me want to lick the screen.

  4. Reply

    Simply delicious looking

    • Remittance Girl
    • February 6, 2014


  5. Reply

    Yummy!!!! How do you think I’m supposed loose any weight when people post pictures like this? 😀

  6. Reply

    Oh man that looks yummy!!

  7. Reply

    Oh gosh that looks so good #TheGallery

  8. Reply

    mmmmm…..Delicious, love to eat it, It makes my stomach rumble and tremble just by looking at it!
    Boo Kitty Boo XXX

  9. Reply

    Yum x

  10. Reply

    Oh, I want one now 🙂

  11. Reply

    mmmm delicious!

  12. Reply

    That looks delicious! Very decadent.

  13. Reply

    The 2nd waffle I have seen today, I’m about to go and make some…yummy x

  14. That looks yamazing!

  15. Reply

    Looks delicious!

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