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Day 2 – Sights and Sounds

Looking down Euston road towards Kings Cross

Looking down Euston road towards Kings Cross

“My visits to London always bring me cheer; I wish it were possible to bottle the atmosphere. I would collect together all the sights and sounds, And surround myself with them, when I’m down.” ~ Angela Wybrow

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    • Remittance Girl
    • January 3, 2014

    It’s it a magnificent building? Against a blue sky. Wonderful

  1. Every one around me has visited this beautiful historic place, but little ole me…LOL. Okay, I am having a little pity party at this moment♥ Thanks for sharing it with us. Happy 2014.

  2. Reply

    Fabulous shot of St. Pancras!

    • Pea
    • January 2, 2014

    Those words sum up perfectly of how I feel living here in the beautiful village of Marsden. The brick work of the stunning building POPS!

  3. Reply

    How I wish I could say the same! Would be like a dream of me. For now, I’ll live through you!

  4. Reply

    wow! Fantastic photo of an even more fantastic location!

  5. Reply

    So jealous, my family roots go back to England, and I would so love to visit! Beautiful shot!

  6. Reply


    Is that St. Pancras?

    Marie xox

      • mollyskiss
      • January 2, 2014

      It is indeed St Pancras looking down the Euston Road towards Kings cross

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