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Day 342 – Paradise Lost

Construction crane with sun burst


Construction crane with sun burst

“They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot” ~ Joni Mitchell – Big Yellow Taxi

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  1. Reply

    Wonderful photo. The sunburst is so lovely. I guess we can’t stop progress so we embrace it in different ways.

  2. Reply

    Now that is what I call taking a sow’s ear and making a silk purse – beautiful take on construction equipment.

  3. Reply

    Lovely picture of something that isn’t always so lovely to look at.

  4. Reply

    SO true and so sad.
    Great pic, though. Have a great week!

  5. Reply

    Oh that sky is such a beautiful backdrop to “progress” in the making. I had no idea what I was going to use for my shot until just a few days ago. I was sweatin’ the embarrassment of having my own link up and then stumping myself! lol. Thanks for joining in on Song-ography.

  6. Reply

    Great shot — an implied “parking lot” type construction. Cranes are all around me every day near my office. It’s sad, isn’t it?!

  7. Reply

    I love the shot and it so fitting. Seems that I see cranes and construction everywhere, and it never gets finished.

  8. Reply

    Lovely shimmery shot!

    • Judy
    • December 8, 2013

    What an interesting perspective.

  9. Reply

    Beautiful shot of the sky and love your sunburst!

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