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Day 183 – Bigger On The Inside

Police box In edinburgh Tardis
  Looks like the Dr was in Edinburgh last weekend…(just to clear up the confusion this is not a phone box but a Police Box which was used as bases/mini offices for the local constabulary before the invention of walkie talkies) Police box In edinburgh Tardis

 “Look at my girl. Look at her go. Bigger on the inside! See, House. That’s your problem. Size of a planet but inside you are just so small.” ~ Dr. Who (Matt Smith)

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    I thought it was going to be a public restroom.

  2. Reply

    There should just be a striped scarf waving in the wind somewhere,

  3. Reply

    A piece of history…
    Greetings from Helsinki, more Spain pics coming at the weekend 🙂

  4. Lovely shot. At this angle it looks like it’s spinning through space for the opening credits!

  5. Reply

    Interesting. I’d never heard of, much less seen, a Police Box. Thanks for sharing this one, Molly.

    Be well.

  6. Reply

    Fun post, Molly! My hubby and a young friend of ours LOVE Dr. Who, so I’ve been forced to watch an episode or two myself.

  7. Reply

    I thought it was an old outhouse (loo) before I read the post.

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    Dr. Who was immediately who I thought of, but I thought phone boxes were all red.

      • mollyskiss
      • July 1, 2012

      It is not a phone box but a police box. They were used around the city as bases for the local police before the invention of walkie talkies and mobile phones etc.

  9. Love, Love, Love it – was at a party last night, and was shocked, simply SHOCKED that some of the people there didn’t know the dear Dr. – Have a great weekend.

  10. Reply

    How very interesting…

  11. Love those old telephone boxes!

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    That is a beautiful photo!

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