Happy Birthday Photo


Once upon there was a woman who never ever told anyone it was her birthday. Every year the celebrations got smaller and smaller until her birthday was all but ignored by most, apart from her children but she happy with that. They didn’t ask her questions like… What are you doing for your birthday? What did you get for your birthday? I hope you are being spoilt today? Questions she loathed as all they did was remind of the answers that made her unhappy.

Then one day she meet a man who changed her life and told her that when it was her birthday he was going to spoil her rotten and shout about it from the roof tops. She smiled and laughed and hugged him and told him that she loved him but she didn’t really believe it until now that is.

Today that woman is 40 and she feels so utterly spoilt and loved and cherished that she is not quite sure what to do with herself. Her week has been filled with parties and fun and laughter and passion and presents and cards and cake and surprises and the day she used to dread has been changed forever due to the greatest gift life has ever given her… Him.

Happy Birthday Photo

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