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The idea behind The 365 project, or seeing as 2012 is a leap year, maybe it should be known as the 366 Project, is to take and post at least one picture for every day of the year. When I first heard about it I thought it would be a good way to motivate me to take more photographs and hopefully in that process improve my skill and technique however right now I am sitting here 2 days before this project is about to start having pretty major second thoughts.

I want to put lots more time into my creative life this year whether it be photography or writing but I  really want to focus on my main blog, Molly’s Daily Kiss, and also writing for possible future publication so why on earth am I setting myself this task as well? Am I in fact just setting myself up for a massive failure before I have even really begun or can this project actually compliment my other goals and provide me with a space to focused on images and not words?

The reason I have decided to house this project over here and not on my main blog is because I want to be free to post whatever image I chose and not just those that fit into an erotic theme. You will not find many words here. I want to focus on the image. I may post the odd thing about the photographs from time to time but as a general rule this space is all about the visual moment.

Please do leave me a comment from time to time, especially if something in particular captures your eye. I want to hear your thoughts, whether they be good, bad or indifferent. I know the pictures that I am particularly proud if but I want to see through your eyes and if you don’t talk to me then I have no chance of doing that. If you want to use any of my images for anything please do get in contact. Everything here is my own work and copyrighted by myself but I am more than happy to share as long as my work is credited back to me.